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Adobe After Effects 2024 Activated Version Free Download - Pre-Activated (Latest Version)

Features of Adobe After Effects 2024

Next-Gen Roto Brush

A new AI model extracts objects from footage faster and more accurately than ever and requires fewer corrections. Refine your results for a beautiful composite, even when tracking objects that overlap or working with hard-to-mask footag, such as hair and transparencies.

OpenColorIO workflow enhancements

Additional OpenColorIO effects under the Effects & Presets panel add flexibility to this industry-standard color interchange workflow.

Text Scripting support

New scripting hooks for text and font manipulation save you time and effort while working with complex text animation workflows.

Unlock the visual effects of your dreams.

Bring out your inner magician with Adobe After Effects VFX software. Make objects disappear, create 3D animations, control the weather onscreen, and generate special effects that make the impossible look real.

Using Content-Aware Fill to edit footage in After Effects

Cut boom mics, signs, and people from live-action footage with Content-Aware Fill, and skip time-consuming rotoscoping. Removing objects from video footage has never been easier.

Add the weather of your choice.

Make it rain or send a blizzard blowing through your scene. Add a stylish lens flare for bright sunshine. Or create drifting or rising smoke to give scenes an eerie effect.

Using the Warp Stabilizer to stabilize footage in After Effects

No need to throw out shaky footage. With motion tracking, you can use the Warp Stabilizer VFX to animate your scene and compensate for unintentional movement.

3D logo against a forest background with a green overlay

Turn animations into high-resolution videos. Work with the Cinema 4D renderer to bend layers in 3D space and convert text and shape layers to 3D objects.

Access the power of the Adobe toolset.

Import your assets from Photoshop, Illustrator, Character Animator, or Animate. Export your visual effects to Premiere Pro.

Make Hollywood-level title sequences.

Create titles worthy of blockbuster movies by importing Adobe Illustrator assets to After Effects and manipulating them with Cinema 4D Lite.

Shot of a cute, pink animated character against a blue background

It’s easy to add visual effects to animated characters. Just drag and drop the asset from the Character Animator Project panel to the After Effects Project panel.

What’s new in Adobe After Effects 2024

  •     Updated User Interface
  •     Improved Performance
  •     Advanced Motion Tracking
  •     3D Design Space
  •     Enhanced Puppet Tools
  •     AI-Powered Features
  •     Seamless Collaboration
  •     Improved Performance for Expressions
  •     Integrated VR/360 Support
  •     New Effects and Presets

Download Now!

Advanced 3D rendering capabilities Enhanced motion tracking and stabilization tools Improved performance and responsiveness Expanded library of pre-built templates and effects Seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications Enhanced collaboration and sharing features Intuitive user interface with customizable workspace Advanced color grading and correction tools Support for high-quality audio editing and mixing Extensive support for various video and audio formats Advanced keyframing and animation controls Enhanced text and typography tools Comprehensive masking and compositing capabilities

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